A Brief History of Huda Trust and Its Activities

Huda Trust was established in 1988 and is registered as a Public Charitable Trust in 1992 under the provisions of Indian Trust Act (Register No.14/92).
A group of people with philanthropic mentality aiming at ‘Service to Humanity’ is behind this establishment.

Our History

Activities of Huda Trust started in 1986. In 1988 we started a small clinic named Huda Trust Clinic & Medical Laboratory. In 1992 the Trust is registered under Indian Charitable Trust Act 1882 and is renamed as Huda Trust. In 1993 the clinic is developed into a Hospital with a three storied building over an area of 14000 sq feet. In 2002 a Cardiology block with a 5 storied building covering an area of 10000 sq feet was constructed. In 2005 a Pharmacy block and in 2008 a Nursing School block is constructed and approved in 2009-10. Being the major project of our Trust. The Hospital is functioned well with 150 beds, 20 doctors and 150 staffs. More than 15 departments included in this hospital. Since last 25 years we are the foremost NGO in the Social activities in our district and rending divine service to humanity. The second venture of the Trust was Huda Trust Public School which was started as a primary school in 1993 and by 2012 by the Grace of Almighty the school is shifted to another very spacious area, a new school building (ground floor) is constructed with all facilities required for a CBSE school. The inauguration of the new building was come in 15th March 2013. As a third venture we started a play school in the old school ground. We are also maintaining a Prayer Hall, Poor Aid Fund and one Interest Free Mutual Aid Fund All these divine ventures we gained since last 25 years with the timely advice, suggestions and help from the well-wishers and above all those are by the Grace of the Almighty. 2013-2014 Huda Trust wishes to commence more humanity services and activities in our Hospital and School. We submit a project of future planning before you to the valuable and divine suggestions.

Aims and Objectives of the Trust


  • To run educational institutions
  • Work for the educational upliftment of the people irrespective of caste and creed.
  • Libraries to foster knowledge.
  • To conduct study classes, seminars and ideological discussions
  • Give scholarships to poor school/college going students.
  • To build hostels for girls.
  • To establish vocational training centres.
  • Job oriented coaching centres for the unemployed.


  • To set up hospitals, clinics and health centres.
  • To establish medical guidance centre.
  • To conduct mobile clinic in coastal areas.
  • To form a relief wing.
  • To start nursing school.
  • To start paramedical institutions.

Cultural and Social

  • To start cultural centres.
  • To establish Libraries.
  • To give financial assistance to the poor and needy.
  • To provide employment opportunities.
  • To construct shelters to the poor and maintenance of houses for poor families.
  • To make toilets and to dig wells in villages.
  • To establish interest free financial aid scheme.
  • To consult and involve in group work with government, semi government and other voluntary organizations for the integration and the development of the Nation.

New Project of Huda Trust Hospital

Dialysis Unit

  • The only one in the correct area of Alappuzha district going to be finished in the NH side.
  • Hundreds of kidney patients will get benefit from this project.
  • Estimate cost – Rs. 3,50,000.00

Computerisation of X-Ray Department

  • For the easy diagram and clarity of the film and to save more time.
  • Estimate cost – Rs. 1,00,000.00.

Laparoscopic Surgery

  • To provide -Time saving, complication, less surgery procedures.
  • Estimate cost – 10,00,000.00.

Service Providing Centre

The only Hospital in Alappuzha District approved by the Central Social Welfare Board of India as the Service Provider for Protection for women against Domestic Violence. .